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About Us

Dear Viewers,
My name is William as most of you may know and I’m the starter of “I Love Driving Slow”. The idea started in 2009 and has stayed until present date. I believe because ILDS is a positive movement that people decide to represent it. It started as a Joke whenever I would drive around with friends of my car club they would say, “Dang you’re always driving fast” and my reply was always no I drive slow. Sticking with the reply I would often give my friends I was able to start the first ILDS thread on 8thcivic forum. It was based more on taking away the attention from people that drive fast and or drive fast cars etc. Later to learn the craft of actually driving slow would also include: doing the speed limit or within 10mph over (whatever would prevent you from getting pulled over), going over speed bumps, going around obstacles and other disasters that could potentially damage my car (lowered cars). ILDS has keep safety as its main goal and by this I say taking car events to the track or road course. I.e.: why make your car look big and bad on the public streets etc, then go to the track and run high numbers? (Bad times) ILDS makes Form= Function ok. Modified Cars look good on the road… and Beastly on the track or Road Course. Also we view tastily built cars, (Stance, Flush, Dragsters, Handlers) having a lot of both making Form= Function, Low key is the motive.
ILDS has released the popular plate frame and this item has spread in almost every state. We are also in partnership with grafixpressions.com who is the printers of the most popular ILDS stickers. Growing every day I must say we are inching for more than 2 thousand members before the end of the year. This website is the official site for all of ILDS merchandise and I love driving slow promotions. We are also on Face book and Twitter please follow. There are a few key members that are responsible for making ILDS as big as it is, **I’ll ask for their permission before listing them here.*

Thank you for reading,