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Alex’s Type-R, Ruck Duo

Owner:Alex Laverde
Location: Tampa, FL
Photographer: Ross
Words: Ross

If you know anything about Hondas and Acuras you must know about the Acura Type-R. Most people try to find and or replicate this vehicle but nothing is better than being the original owner of one. Well let me start by telling you i had no clue Alex owned this Integra. I meet Alex because of his ruckus. I had millions of questions to ask him about his ruck. One question was how much did you invest in this thing? Alex who has a very humble personality told me straight forwardly, Thousands! He said, it’s like any other hobby once you start you just can’t stop. It wasn’t until a few months later that i learned his ruckus was built in tribute of his successful Type-R build. I asked him instantly to show me a photo the Type-R. Once i saw his type-r then i appreciated more attention to detail taken in creating Ruckus. Both the ruck and car were executed flawlessly. They both drive, all the buttons work and are both fast!
It was a very nice day in Ybor City, FL. where we decided to shoot both the ruck and car together. Even with us there shooting the feature people were flocking over to checkout the ruck and car. Now it’s your turn to check them out!
Here’s the Video:

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