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The Auto Combine 2015 Coverage Part 1

The month of March was very busy for us. However, we made time to attend this year’s Auto Combine. The Auto Combine(TAC)started off in 2012 and I believe it has picked up its momentum this year. Noah and staff have exponentially grown this event. I remembered back in 2013 when they sat a year out, I mentioned to Noah that we need this event to come back. Since 2012 this event has always been one of my favorites, it allowed everyone to come together regardless of what they drove.

Last year’s TAC faced few uncontrollable issues. This year’s great weather, careful planning and additional help caused Noah and staff to prevail. Great cars, awesome vendors, and a picturesque venue was all that was necessary to bring everyone out. For us, the drive to Jacksonville was filled with turns and hilly roads, which is unlike Tampa. So it was an awesome ride!

We were able to release some of our newest snapbacks and 5 panel hats which resonated well with everyone. (Available on shopilds.com) we also brought four faction cars which they are always very supportive of TAC. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Noah and staff for putting up with us, as they didn’t have to. We want to see this event continuously grow and get better for years and years to come. Until 2016 Thanks “The Auto Combine”