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Backlash Racers Rules

Street Car Shootout Presented by Induction Performance
  • Safety Rules:
All NHRA Safety Rules Apply.
  • 1/4 mile race.
All run field. – Heads Up, Pro Tree, Red light loses. – Class will be run No Time (N/T).
  • There will be time for test passes before the shootout.
No qualifying rounds. – For each Elimination round: the match-ups will be randomly determined by racer name’s drawn from a bucket. Every first picked name gets lane choice. If there are an odd number of cars, last name picked for that round gets a bye run (but must still make a pass). – The winners of each round will be placed back into the bucket to be drawn for the next round. Once you lose you are out, but may continue to race & make free test passes the remainder of the event. – No major vehicle changes are to be made after the cruise except for changing tire pressure or heating a nitrous bottle.
  • There will only be a few minutes to do so in the staging lanes before round 1of Elimination.
Every vehicle must have a license plate, proof of current registration, and valid insurance…as any “legal street car” would. – Vehicle must be able to go on a 30+ minute cruise (as a group) right before round 1 of eliminations. (The group cruise may be “skipped” if all racers & FL2K staff are satisfied that all shootout participants are actual “street cars” – This will be up to the FL2K official’s discretion.) – All vehicles must have a functional alternator. All vehicles must return to assigned lanes following each round, we will allow a maximum of 20 minutes between rounds.
Body: Any year vehicle is allowed. Lightweight components are limited to hood, front fenders, deck lid, hatches, sunroofs, wings, ground effects, and bumpers only. Roof, quarter panels, and doors must remain steel. One-piece front ends are not permitted. No body parts may be removed during competition.
  • Chassis: All cars must retain complete stock chassis, floorboard, firewall, and frame r ails. Notching of chassis for clearance is permitted. Aftermarket “K” members are permitted.
  • Suspension: “Stock Style Suspension” All cars must utilize stock front and rear suspension and mounts. Aftermarket front control arms, rear control arms, and sub-frame connectors are permitted. Aftermarket struts and shocks are permitted. Ladder bars, four links, and wheelie bars are prohibited on all cars.
  • Lights: Headlights and brake lights are required.
  • Windows: All windows must be OEM glass.
  • Interior: Stock dashboard and full interior from front seats forward is required (passenger seat may be removed). Aftermarket seats, gauges, and interior are permitted.
  • Exhaust: Muffler(s) are required unless vehicle is turbocharged. Exhaust may exit anywhere. Electronics: Two-steps, data loggers, aftermarket ECU’s, and engine management systems are allowed. Driveline: Aftermarket axles, ring and pinions, final drive, spools, and differentials are permitted. IRS cars may convert to straight axle. Transmission: Manual or Auto transmissions are permitted. Any style automatic transmission is permitted. Trans-brakes are permitted. – Clutch: Clutch must be manually operated by driver’s foot. Shifter: Shifter must be H pattern. Strain gauges are permitted. Air shifters and electric shifters are prohibited.
  • Fuel: Any type of fuel is allowed, but you may not add extra fuel until after the street cruise and round 1of eliminations is over. At that point you may add fuel.
  • Tires: Must be DOT approved, Drag Radial, or Bias Ply no larger than 28″x10″ or 325 Radial. Tire Rule Exception: Any FWD or RWD cars that have a MANUAL transmission may run a SLICK no larger than 28″x11.5”.
  • After the cruise there will only be about 5-10 minutes before Round-1-Eliminations starts: during this time, Stick Shift FWD/RWD cars may swap over to their slicks (in or near the staging lanes) if they do not wish to cruise on them, but you must do this very quickly! ( we suggest having a few friend/crew members around to help you with this).
  • Engine: No restrictions! But must have a functional alternator and radiator. Nitrous: Nitrous cars will be allowed to heat their bottles before the round and swap out/fill up bottles between rounds.