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Backlash’17 New Rules of Engagement

It was only a matter of time before we were able to do our first track event; Backlash’17 was a success. We always said our first track event should be more interactive. Why do a show at a track and not let the show participants join in on the fun? Why the separation? Well, big thanks to Victor over at FL2k and Alan at Bradenton Motorsports Park for seeing our vision through.

Backlash added a 3rd event to our plate. It was definitely a challenge to plan as we normally give ourselves at least 6 months to setup an event. Backlash was sandwiched between Winterfest and Summer Vibes and is keeping our staff and faction very busy.

We are in the works of bringing backlash back next year. However, as we debrief this year’s event we will work on ways to make it better. The overall vibe of the event was great and attendance for its first year was impressive. We felt as everyone enjoyed the “everything must run” theme and hope to bring it back to you again next year.

As always, thanks for all the love and support you give to our events. Big thanks to the Bradenton track staff for working with us, FL2k, Induction Performance, all iLDS staff and Faction, and definitely a huge thank you to our vendors and sponsors that helped made this event great! Enjoy the coverage from MBartley and video to come soon Cristian L.  Don’t forget to visit our store shopilds.com to buy discounted backlash’17 merchandise.


Thanks, Ross

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