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Cars and Beaches 4 – Say No More.

Cars and Beaches was set this year in Ruskin Fl right on a beautiful marina. I had the wonderful opportunity of shooting the coverage for the event. This allowed me to walk around the event and see the cars and the people having a great time. We had a mission to make Cars and Beaches a fun and relaxing time and I think we succeeded. As far as I could see from one end of the event all the way down to almost the entrance of the park there were cars parked and people walking, smiling, and laughing. I saw dogs, long-boards, lowered pull wagons (with people in them), and enjoyed the smell of the food being cooked by the food trucks. The turn out was great and we at I Love Drive Slow thank you all for coming out and supporting! Enjoy the coverage.

Words: Jeff Littlefield
Photos: Jeff Littlefield

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