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Cars N Beaches 3

Our weekend in Miami started on Friday. We didn’t waste time, we found ourselves on south beach Friday night before the meet. It’s always fun going to Miami. The cars the people and the environment keeps bringing me back. I live 3.5-4hrs away from Miami and sometimes just to get away from Tampa is well worth it. It was the first time in Miami for some of our staff so CNB3 was a great opportunity for them to experience. I would be lying to say the meet went just as planned. However, I am thankful for the way it was carried out. We received plenty of respect from the Miami people and law enforcement. We had a few special guest that showed as well. The owner of Vossen Wheels, Rod Speed, and few other well know Miami shops and car groups. I can’t say there was one car there that i liked most because every hour there would be a different car rolling in. It was good to see a mix of makes and models coming together, also mixture of form and function. Thank you Miami, we do plan to see you next year! 😀



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