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Cars N Beaches 6- Follow up

It all started from an idea and we worked towards it. As we matured so did the ideas to make things work better for everyone. We always liked hanging-out and eventually the number of us hanging-out kept increasing. When there are large numbers of cars gathering in a small area it becomes a great liability. Also you’ve become accustomed to getting to meets earlier in lieu of possibly getting a “premium” parking spot. What’s ironic about that is at a free meet where everyone is invited without any pre-noted premium parking area; there is still a level of competition and or favoritism felt. The truth of the matter is that you always want to see the nicer cars. The debate seems to be, should you be able to park next to them if your car isn’t as nice? Well a meet to us is suppose to be everyone come park, get out your car, talk about cars, listen to music, chill, talk smack, and etc. However, over the years this structure has changed as events have been out growing venues and the cost sustained in doing these events keep going up.

So here at iLDS we wanted to give back to everyone as well as keep a very low overhead. Each year CNB has increased the number of attendees which also caused our budget to increase. At a higher budget we believe we can offer better. There were also a bunch of little issues with the park’s structure and moving the event to a different location keeping the same name wasn’t an option. We expect to start moving our events out of state and one of our biggest steps was to put an end to CNB. Although there will be no more CNB we are already planning to have a replacement summer event. It’s not going to be free, it’s not going to have trophies, we will still make it fun for everyone, and it will have a different name. July of 2016 will be the date for CNB’s replacement.

There are too many people to thank for helping us to get this far. First off I would like to thank the man above. It’s funny how everything can go right even in an environment of others trying to pull us down. I’m thankful for all of iLDS staff and faction both past and present. Yes we did it! We’re closing one chapter to hopefully embark on something that would be felt around the country. To all of our parents and friends that were present this year and previous Thanks!!! We’ve taken CNB from Tampa to Miami and back utilizing many different parks. We are thankful that with your cooperation we’re welcomed back at all of these parks.

We had over 1600 cars at CNB6 which has set a record for the most cars we’ve ever forced into EG. Simmons Park. We estimated over 4800 spectators at the park during the duration of our event. These numbers are great to some that looks at numbers but may mean nothing to you. This is why we would like to thank each and every one of you individually for getting us here. As most of you already know we end each year with an actual car show. Winterfest 2015 prep starts MONDAY! 6/8/2015. Last year’s venue has been replaced with a much larger venue in which we hope to fill for years to come. As an incentive for those that were turned around last year we’ll be doing plenty of pre-giveaways and early registration to make sure everyone gets situated properly. Stay Tune!


Interest for Winterfest Vendors/ Sponsors please E-mail: Vendor@ildswinterfest.com