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ILDS feature cars.

Not Your Everyday WRX

Photographer: Lafa Britto Owner: Daniel Shif Location: Orlando, FL 8 Months in the making and still going. Daniel Shif has yet to scratch the surface as to how far he wants to take his car. His 2012 WRX marked the ...

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Evolution of a BEAST!

Photographer: Ronald Vasquez Owner: Ronald Vasquez Location: Nantucket, MA A married with child army vet. Ron seems like a pretty accomplished gentleman. The only thing that was missing was an accomplished car. Ever since he can remember he has always ...

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El Tropicaloso From Puerto Rico

Why or when do you find yourself driving slow? I always liked to drive slow, because you have a car and many accessories have you but if you can not combine to drive slow the car is silent until the ...

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Staff Member Erick’s Ride

Owner: Erick Garcia Location: Apopka, FL Photographer/s: Steven Escudero & Erick Garcia Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for cars. Going out to street races (NOT BY ANY MEANS A GOOD IDEA BTW) with my older ...

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