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Civic & Tl Video Duet

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Chris Buckner (Plasti dipped TL) and Gian Silva (Black Civic) on a beautiful Saturday afternoon here in Tampa/ Clearwater FL. It’s always good to reflect with people that follow and support us. It was cool to have mild conversation about various issues and growth about the Florida car world. What better way to learn and shape iLDS than to be in the field of our followers.
The TL which is actually white decided to dress up in some plasti dip. It’s something to see in person, I never thought plasti dip would look like this on a car. The Civic on the other hand, definitely an eye turner as there is only so much you can do to a base civic. Gian made it as low as he could go and drives it around. One couldn’t keep count of the amount of necks that were broken.
After all, a great time with these guys and I would definitely hang out with them again. We are lucky to have both of them at this year’s Winterfest.