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Clean Culture Orlando Show Coverage

Clean Culture Orlando. The beginning of our day started at 6:30am. We lined up ready to drive into the Orlando convention center to set up our booth for what is one of Florida’s best yearly events. A little over a half an hour later the entrance to the convention center was over run by excited show cars from all over the state, making for a great huge roadblock of crazyness. As much as people like to complain about how big of a clusterf#ck events like this are, I enjoy seeing how many people go crazy passionate about car events. It makes me feel good inside that car events aren’t dead and that everyone still scrambles to get in like there’s some sort of lottery on the other side of the entrance. As soon as I got inside the Clean Culture crew was setting up. I walked over to Nick to say whats up. Knowing how much of a pain in the ass putting events together is, I was surprised to see that Nick was keeping it cool and was going out of his way to make sure everyone was taken care of. The day went on smoothly and the event was great. All sorts of ridiculous builds came out of the wood works. From old school Cadillac’s to Mini trucks, there was eye candy everywhere for everyone. After years and year of going to shows myself it was refreshing to see that the vehicle that won Best of Show was a lifted, crazy clean GMC truck. The event was great the hangs were great and the staff was great. Another one in the books for Clean Culture and I’m looking forward to next year.