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Cars and Beaches 6 The Finale


This year’s meet starts at 11AM. I highly suggest getting there around 11AM; it would be pointless to come prior only because we’ll be setting up the vendors.

– You have the ability to come and go as you please and because of this we cannot reserve spots or setup tents in the parking spaces. If you have a team and you’d like to setup a tent please let us know. (info@ilovedrivingslow.com) As we’ve done at prior CNB’s there are plenty of benches under the Main Shelter if you would like to reserve one (free) please let us know.

-Parking spaces will not be reserved, YES there is grass Parking, We have accommodated over 1,000 cars at this park thru out the day last year. So please be patient as there is no rush to get there. We have reserved all the Shelters at the Park. So they are all first come first served. Come park, relax, volleyball, dance, check out the water, meet a girl, meet me, the faction, staff, and etc.

-Burnouts, meh. Rev your engine if you want. Just don’t burnout.

-Drinking? Nah don’t do that. We cannot see beer, bottles, or any of that stuff.

Officers and Rangers will be present to help control traffic and make sure everyone remains safe.

– We’ll make space for Bikes/Rucks Etc.

– Bring your Dogs
– It’s our last CNB so if we catch you in iLDS Gear we’ll give you a Goodie.
– Remember to have fun. I hate going to meets and seeing angry people. If you’re having bad days then stay home. Otherwise if you come we want you to enjoy yourself.