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Emir SX4

Name: Emir A. Fuentes
Location: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Make/Model/Year: Suzuki SX4 2008

Photographer: Gabriel DESIR

Why or when do you find yourself drivingslow?
I find myself driving slow everyday because all the streets in Puerto Rico are not in the best conditions & you can really apreciate the car better when it’s going slow.IMG_3634What do you prefer function or form?

MOD List:
Custom Cold air Intake & Obx double tip exhaust.
Grip Royal Black Out 2 pieces with Quick Release and Hub NRG. It’s Proper clear bubble shift knob, Brodway and Armando Works custom trunk in microfiber set up.
D2 Air SuspensionIMG_3663IMG_3637Wheels:

18×9.5 & 18×10 25 offset squared Rotiform TMB reverse mount with polished, Muteki SR48 lug nuts.IMG_3595Future Plans:

Not sure right now, maybe some more interior custom work.  But I’m really fan of classic cars, I’m gonna try to get a hold of a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle as a second proyect car.IMG_3593