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Euro Tripper 15

Paul has presented the event euro tripper to me for years now however; it was always hard for us to get down there. Last year we wanted to head out to euro tripper and one again the timing wasn’t right. So I made it my mission to get iLDS out there in 2015. I must say I was very impressed with the organization of the entire show. I believe they knew me by first name right when I rolled up, that’s boss! I must give a major shout outs to our booth cars. Zoe over at Kindred impulse always looks out for us when we’re looking for euro booth cars, Thanks Homie! My homie Dan is one of the coolest dudes with a beard you’d ever meet, #mydawg. Overall, it was a very mellow felt event and I’m 100% sure we’ll be there again next year. My favorite moment of the event was rolling up and seeing a ramp for the lowered cars to get into the field. It’s obvious the host Is a part of the lifestyle so he was able to embrace all the elements us car people love.