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Model Behavior by Bridget Tran

Full Name: Bridget Tran
Location: Tampa, FL
Videographer: Blake Thibodaux
Words by: Blake Thibodaux

So one Saturday morning I headed to Tampa and met up with Roscoe (ILDS
Staff) Ricky (Photographer), and Bridget (model). We instantly connected
and started to work. I have to say I am really impressed with this group of
people, they kept things fun and interesting. It was by far the best shoot I
did because I actually felt comfortable. I would gladly work with them

Here are a few questions I asked Bridget:
What is your goal for Modeling?
I would really like to become a Hot Import Model one day because I really enjoy the car scene and everyone involved in it.

Anyone you would like to thank for getting you this far?
I love driving slow
Minx Girls
Swaqqa Photography
Cajun FeauxTography
S&R Performance
Of course all my fans and my future fans.