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SRT- Showdown Coverage

Location: Orlando FL
Event: SRT- ShowDown
Coverage: Ross

So my buddy Amp contacted me on Tuesday asking me if I wanted to attend a SRT4 Meet. Knowing I had plenty going on that weekend I made time to head out with him. It’s always good to get away and check out cars. The first meeting spot in Tampa was filled with SRT’s we then cruised out to Old Town Orlando. I’ve visited Old town many times before but this time with all the people and SRT’s it raised my interest once again. The day couldn’t have been any better. It was sunny out but not too hot. There were plenty of nice music, people and cars at the showdown. It was a culture shock going to this event because of how peaceful it was. I’m accustomed going to Honda events and they are way different. This one seemed like a large family and everyone respected each other’s build. I’m most definitely going back to next years.