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Full name: Roscoe Lewis
Nickname: Ross
Location: Tampa
Member Since: Founder

I’m a native Guyanese and I’ve been around cars as long as I could remember. Mostly around sound as most of my family was into big systems and older Toyotas. This civic was my 5th out of many other cars i’ve owned. Which were Toyotas, Hondas, and a Ford. My luck with Hondas have always been good which made me get this civic new. I joined the 8thcivic.com forum back in 2008 which kept my interest for the car. It also introduced me to many people both in and outside the car world. Most importantly, this car gave me the drive and the platform to start iLDS. It’s sad to say if i didn’t buy this very car things could have been different. However, i’m thankful for how things have transpired.

Make: Honda
Model: Civic LX
Year: 2009


Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?

I honestly rarely drive slow. I’m a very defensive driver. I honestly hate being boxed in. You’re likely to catch me cruising 5-10mph over the limit. Speedbumps, potholes, sketchy situations would make me slow down. When the car is freshly washed or whenever i’m rolling with the rest of the crew and we’re breakn’Necks.


What do you prefer function or form?

Honestly, i’m a car guy and i love fast cars. For that reason, i have a deep love for function. Slim and Walter both inspire me to get something that’s a little more fun to drive hard. However, the way my civic is setup it does show i have a love for form as well. We hope to get something done in the future to put a little more pep in it’s step.

– Vinyl Wrapped by Candy Wraps
– Full HFP kit
– SI Trunk
– Si front and rear disc conversion
– Weather-tech Window visor
– JDM front and rear H’s

-Type-R Hazard Button
-SI Shifter Assembly
-Pioneer Double Din
-Broadway Mirror

Wheels/ Suspension
-Front: 17×9.5 +15
-Rear: 17×10 +18 4″ Lips
– Airlift- V2 Management
– Front Airtekk Struts
– Airlift Bags, Airtekk Shocks
– Skunk2 V2 Camber-Arms


Future Plans:
– Hopefully some #gofastparts