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Victor Paulino

Name: Victor Paulino
Nickname: Vic
Location: Spring Hill FL.
Car: Lexus is250 Fsport


When do I find myself driving slow?
Well my car pretty slammed and I’m on coils so I pretty much drive slow everywhere plus it gives people a better chance to break their necks lol

Function or form:
I like both, I one day would like to build something to take it to the track but also have a show car and just cruise.


trunk lip, roof spoiler, rear look isf bumper diffuser, front and side splitters, rolled and shaved fenders,slammed


black suede headliner, Lexus Fsport interior all black
Suspension: BC racing coilovers, megan camber arms and control arms.



Work Meisters s1

Future plans:
bags, different front end/ rear bumper/ vip interior and of course trunk with the bags setup