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Flat Black Attack





Pass Side

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Car: 1996 Honda Civic

When or why do you find yourself driving slow?
I find myself driving slow everyday. I just like to cruise and enjoy the drive. I also drive slow to avoid breaking things.

Wheels: 16×9 Schmidt Modern Lines
Suspension: Ground Control Coil Overs With KYB AGX Shocks, Blox Camber Arms, Blox Rear LCA
Exterior: Yellow Fog Lights; Black Housing Headlights; CTR Front Lip.

Special Thanks:
I would like to thank my friends and family that support my car hobby. Also would like to thank my crew Kindred Impulse for always giving me the motivation to continue in this hobby.

Future plans:
My future plans are to start working on the interior to make cruising a little more comfortable.


Yes we know at iLDS there are millions of civics out there in the car scene. This one stood out not just by us but also even by other people who attended the Auto Combine event back in February. After quite a few people asking us to get them more pictures of this car we were able to get more than just one or two pictures. Chandler Wade was able to hook us up with a nice photo shoot.

The car looks different then the current theme of civics at events, other than the nice stance. The flat black paint will cause you to break your neck and take another, followed by the wheels. Most of the cars in the stance game are running CCW/Works/BBS, by all means those wheels are “baller” on there own. Some owners chose to take a different approach and find a wheel you don’t see so often. -pineapple

Chandler Wade
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