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Gone In 60 Minuets, Alan Sanidad


Full Name: Alan Sanidad
Location: Maryland

Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?
I drive slow when I see eyes, fingers, and cameras pointing my way. Lol

“Story is my mom had a yellow beetle in her singly days, she then met my dad and soon they found out they were having twins, so they traded it in for the bus. It’s been in the family ever since.” -Alan Sanidad

This was Alan’s first car and since he’s had it all parts were kept original except exhaust, radio, and speakers; Aiwa head unit, Sony front speakers, pioneer rear speakers.

His future plans are either to restore the bus to factory original or do whats becoming popular in Europe. Which is swapping the engine either from a Porsche or Subaru Impreza and upgrading suspension/brakes to Porsche. Plus modernizing interior with micro fiber and putting apple products and state of the art stereo components.