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Ron’s 2008 Mitsubishi Evo

Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?

Well I’m driving slow most of the time, I like to just cruise and chill enjoy the moment. I love when people give me thumbs up and give beautiful looks at it. So gotta drive slow for them(haha)



Bride stradia CFRP(version2)
Bride door panels
Bride headliner
Sparco harness bar
Takata seat belts
Nardi steering wheel
Works bell hub
Works bell flipper
Works bell quick release
AEM boost gauge
AEM oil pressure gauge
AEM wideband gauge
TWM short shifter
TWM full replacement shifter cage
TWM shifter bushing
Moddiction shifter knob (x2) teal and stainless
Ams small battery kit


Do-luck trunk
AIT side skirts
Voltex lip & splitter
Shorty antenna
seibon carbon rear diffuser

*Suspension, Wheels and Brakes*

Kws Coilovers
Ccw Sp16r (19×10.5 +5)
nitto invos 275/30/19
arp extended studs
drop racing lug nuts
steel braided brake lines


EF3 turbo
Dynamics 1000cc inj
Bosch fuel pump
synapse Diverted valve
grimspeed boost sylonid
Kaizen tuned
injen intake & UICP
CNT exhaust,test pipe
ETS 4in intercooler
ETS downpipe
AMS fuel pressure regulator kit

*Future Plans*
Build the engine for about 500+whp and new wheel setup.

Special Thanks:
My wife (Romelys Vasquez), Daughter (Ronielys Vasquez), Nephew (Keymy Vasquez) and Best friend (Jimmy Evans)