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Subtle enough!

Kevin Wright’s 2005 RSX Type-S

Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?

Ever since I was a Young Buck, I was always told, “It’s not how you stand by your car, it’s how you race your car” But as I approached my 30’s I realized being low and slow was where its at!


Fujita 5 CAI
Paint matched OEM valve cover

OEM Full A-Spec lip kit
OEM A-Spec Decklid
OEM Fog Lights with Luminics Yellow bulbs
HID Low (8000K) and Luminics Yellow high beams

Eclipse AVN-5435 7″ Dual Den Screen
Bose Front and Rear speakers
Rockford Fosgate HX2 / 10″ subwoofers
Kicker ZX700.5 5 channel Amplifier

*Wheels and Suspension*
MB Battles 17×9 +30
215/40/17 Capitol Sport UHP rubber
Muteki Neo Chrome lug nuts
Raceland coilovers
Hawk HPS pads

*Future plans*
As the car was just paid off last month, future plans for this car seem somewhat endless now. I feel like my wants will outspend my budget very quickly, but looking forward, I see more HP real soon along with some interior goodies….

*Special Thanks*
Squirrel Squad, Slammed Enuff?, Dean’s Extreme Customs, Joe Alonzo Photography, Vannoy’s Tires, Erik Brook, Casey Hawkins, and lastly to my amazing girlfriend Anna for staying up with me to make those late night drives back home from working on cars and car shows. She always managed to smile even when she was ready to punch me in the face for keeping her out all night… She will probably never know how much that means to me.