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Texas Tsx

Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?
-I drive slow all day everyday..scraping and watching out for bumps and pot holes is an everyday thing.


Why did you pick the car you own?
-I’ve always had a thing for the Tsx, theyre just sexy lol


Are you more of a build sell repeat person or build keep forever person?
-Well I’ve always liked moving up to nicer things when I had the chance but I guess I can say I got a keeper.


The age old question Function or Forum kind of build suits you best?
-Im more of a forum kinda guy, I like sitting low and driving slow lol

Little bit about the owner:
-Growing up in Southern California I was always around imports so when I had the chance I hopped in the game. Over the years I quicky realized everything takes time and patience, I learned from my own mistakes and made sure I did plenty of research before buying anything lol
Since this was my first “Stanced” build I had lots of research to do about size and offset, just like everyone else I had my ups and downs with things and at times even wanted to quit but what can I say it all pays off when you’re breaking necks and getting props lol



Special Thanks:
First I would like to thank all my homies and family, all my bros from TEAM DIVERSE for showing me love, my boy Vinh at IRide Customs, Ben Joseph for the pics, ILDS for the feature, and last but not least my fiancee Daisy for all her support, patience, and putting up with me all those late nights spent working on my car lol.

Front/Rear Aspec Lip
Euro R Headlights
Window Visors/Rear Window Visor
Spoon Style Trunk Lip
5K HID Headlights/Fog Lights
rolled and pulled fenders

K-Sport Coilovers

CCW LM20 18×9.5+22

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