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FL2K17 Coverage

As you know we always jump to the opportunity to go to a track event. Our brand was built around racing and our mission has become to focus on the safety aspect of the whole thing. The message is simple, build a fast car, build a beautiful car, but make sure to perfect your driving at the track. It can safer and more controlled than on the street especially if you’re a new driver or just built a very fast car.

FL2k has become a household name it’s clear that it’s in the ranks of one of the best drag racing events Florida has to offer. Following in the footsteps of Texas2k I have to say that Florida2k has branched off its own identity. The last few years have always been a gamble about rain and this year lived up to the same. As we always say if you come to a Florida event you should put the rain question behind you since it’s very unpredictable. Rain? What rain? FL2k was very successful it was hard to tell if this year’s attendance was a record attendance but that place was packed. With the introduction of roll-racing, it has really evolved this event. The cars got up to the line a lot faster, there was less breaking and interruptions. We really liked the event this year and can’t wait to start planning Backlash which is our collaborative event with FL2k in April 7th 2018

FL2k always brings out some of the fastest cars the southeast has ever seen. So you go there expecting to see some Supras, GTRs, Mustangs, very fast Hondas, and etc. Since last year many of the members of our faction group have started building more towards function and more power. Earlier this year our boy JJ has been itching to rebuild his Subie. He knew the power range he wanted to be in and started building his parts closet. He then reached out to RevWorks in Orlando for guidance and decided to join that team to get the build done right and on time for this event. Our entire faction team was blown away when jj’s Subie came out the hole and was consistent in the 9s. This is one of the fastest builds in our group alongside an 800 WHP Evo X own by Ron, then Amp and Slim. We have a few more guys doing some serious work. Regardless as our team is getting faster there’s always the occasional grabassing that us car people do. However, our motive is to be low key in the streets and to keep it on the track.

BACKLASH 2018 April 7th 2018