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Getting The Girl – Feat. Jessica Le.

Jessica Le hits me up saying, “hey Ross I want to do a Photo Shoot”. It was funny we haven’t posted any model features on our site before, so I wasn’t sure how to reply. I had just put in the purchase for plenty of new camera equipment for some video projects I had planned for 2012. Lacking some of this equipment, and most of the ILDS staff calling me crazy, (Which they often do) being that it was so close to New Years. I was able to grab the available members of staff to shoot this 3min film. I was trying to do a different location, unlike the car wash model videos I’ve seen floating around. Simple but at the same time with good enough light so “Pineapple” could shoot the still shots. This video funny in most parts, but I do see my films getting better as my equipment arrives. Hope you enjoy.