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Robbi Honda Civic

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Name: Robbii marryshow
Location: Orlando FL
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Year: 1996

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Why or when do you find yourself drivingslow?
Haha this is probably the coolest question. I find myself driving slow literally all the time . I’m always 10 or 15 under what ever the speed limit is

What do you prefer function or form?
I prefer form

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D16y8 non v-tech with a semi built head , custom metallic orange valve cover, semi wire tuck, 4-1 dc sport ceramic headers with heat wrap,

Mmmmm custom? Haha just kidding. Custom red cutton dash, custom extended shifter with polished bmx peg shift knob, custom floor and chassis with bed liner and dynomat, 1985 Toyota Corolla seats, custom half roll cage, custom led strobes, sparco quick release with T-Horn racing wheel

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Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Stock . lol . Custom rusted body, Ion Blue headlights, oil cooler, custom carbon fiber look door, 1970s Mazda fender mirrors, custom fenders with led strobs, custom all red tails , custom cut out plastic glass hood with LED strobes

Megan racing struts with custom Vms springs.

Well the car was on 15×10 0 fodder up front and -10 in the rear., but literally as of today I gone wider in the rear . The rears are now 15×13 – 10 offset

Future Plans:
Well what actually have planned is to finish building my roll cage. And to….. Well the next 2 big future goals i rather not say but they will be worlds first for a civic EK sedan. But other than those 2 things I honestly don’t plan I live my day to day life as ever else and when something pops in my head that I think will look badass on the car I just do it.

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