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Honda Day Part 1.


Photos & Coverage: Ross

I’ve owned 3 Hondas in my lifetime and it’s obvious that I love Hondas. Last year I was called upon by our NY/NJ staff to visit Honda Day at English Town, NJ. I was surprised by the number of cars that were there and the different builds everyone had. It was clear to me that we needed to cover this years event. Myself and Jay (ILDS FL staff), decided to drive up there and setup a booth with the NE-ILDS staff members. It was a blast to see new faces also to make it known that ILDS is not a slow car focus. We received plenty of love from the people in NJ. Big shout outs to the Honda Day staff and Mr. Ortega for helping us get setup out there. We hope to be there again next year! Check out the rest of our coverage.

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