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Waseem “HoverCraftMan”

Name: Waseem Anwar
Nickname: HoverCraftMan aka “thefenderwhisperer”
Location: South San Francisco, California



Something About Yourself
I have experience in fender rolling, bodywork, and paint.

Why did you pick your car?
I didn’t need anything flashy and wanted to save gas. Also, I love wagons.

How did you evolve in the car scene?
2 years ago I worked in retail at Target electronics. Paycheck after paycheck I saved up to buy car parts for my 09 Corolla XRS. After realizing I wasn’t happy with my boring job. I quite my position and started working at my father’s body shop in San Bruno. Eventually people started asking me if we did full paintjobs and custom stuff and sooner or later I became the go-to guy for practically everything cosmetic.




Make of Car: Lexus
Model of Car: ct200h
Year of Car: 2012

Why or When do you find yourself driving slow?
Ummmm, considering I basically drive a glorified Prius, I think I’ve always been driving pretty slow not because I want to but because my car isn’t fast. I was all about that hypermilage life until after I slammed it on coils. Then my mpgs went down the drain and now I drive slow because I’m static and I hover over asphalt.





What do you prefer, function or form?
Simple, form is everything to me.

Exterior Modification
Full 5piece Aimgain Hybrid body kit, Fsport spoiler, OEM ISF exhaust tips, OEM window visors, BestSonic sharkfin antenna, parking pole, custom grille, mirror visors, chrome door handles

Engine Modification
Injen short ram intake

Interior Modification
JDM authentic carbon fiber steering wheel, Junction Produce Fusa, Tsurikawa train handle, VIP Luxis gear selector

Suspension Modification
FSport front+rear swaybars, Fsport rear sub frame reinforcement bar, BC racing coilovers revalved by Feels Suspension, Swift Springs, Fortune Auto camber plates, Megan Racing camber RUCAs

Wheel Setup
Work VSKF (18×10.0 +10, +0) original chrome finish w/ red VS center caps, upgraded 24k gold M8 hardware.

Anything YOU want to specify about your vehicle
Absolutely pretty much everything was done by my own two hands on my car including rebuilding my wheels. I give props to anyone who works on they’re own car rather than paying someone else to do it.





Special Thanks?
My dad at A&W auto body for putting up with all my nonsense, Alex at Limitless motorsports.

Way for fan girls can contact you?
Instagram (@HoverCraftMan)

HoverSquad, Limitless Motorsports, ILDS, my friend Francis for always pushing me forward.

Something you want to say to the viewers?
Above all, I appreciate anyone who’s honest and hardworking. It’s all about putting your own tears into your bucket rather than someone else’s tears. I wanted to show the world that it isn’t too bad driving a hybrid and that you can make the most of it by taking the money you save on gas to buy car parts. From not having anyone else for inspiration on this chassis, I practically had to do trial and error on achieving camber and fitment. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to appreciate my build.