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Backlash’17 New Rules of Engagement

It was only a matter of time before we were able to do our first track event; Backlash’17 was a success. We always said our first track event should be more interactive. Why do a show at a track and ...

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Winterfest 2016 Coverage by Hector

On December 10th, I love Driving Slow presented Winterfest in the beautiful Tampa, FL at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This year’s Winterfest was sponsored by Status Racing and Motorsports by Reeves. The event featured an indoor and outdoor space which ...

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Tuner Evo Daytona 2016 Coverage

Tuner Evo, I have to say this event was well worth the wait.  The promoters had FL on edge for a while telling us how great of an event to expect.  Well this is my take on the entire event.  ...

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Big Wang Z

Erick an ILDS staff and faction member has recently pushed the limits  of his Z. Though it’s more aesthetically sound, Erick has many big plans for the power plant in the future. Here’s a quick ramp of his video Shot ...

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Winterfest 2015 Coverage

Winterfest was a blast we got a chance to do something in our city that I believe should be respected. We had over 2500 individuals in a location that in the future well fit many more. Our staff was able ...

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FL2K15 Coverage by Ricangelo Seales

FL2K15 was a success even the rain couldn’t stop it! The event started off rough with on and off rain due to lovely Florida shenanigans but the track staff and the gang Victor Alvarez had was on top of their ...

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