– Submit Photos (using ONLY a G-Drive URL or Drop Box URL.)
– Features ($10 a photo 10 Photo Minimum)
– Event Coverage ($2.50 a photo, 20 Photo Minimum) + Cost of Admission ** if not already attending**

Photos will be used for promotional purposes only. ILDS does not wish to sell these photos. However, paid features may allow us to use select images for merchandise promotion. Photos will be shared on ilovedrivingslow.com and on all ilds social media platforms. Features will be accepted on a Monthly Basis. Event coverage will be selected on a quarterly basis. We are looking for intermediate to expert level photographers that fit the look we’re looking for. iLDS holds the rights to decline anyone. However, we’ll be the utmost respectful and help advise why the photos have been declined.

Each photo will have the defined ilovedrivingslow signature. The signature will be provided only when images are approved and placed only on bottom Right or Left of all images by the photographer. Images must be sized correctly (W.2272x H. XXXX) or (W. x H. 2272)

Photos must be exclusive until the feature is released. So we will provide payment the morning the feature released to insure this. iLDS will release features on Monday or Fridays and event coverage will be reserved strictly for Wednesdays. A maximum of 2 teaser photos could be posted prior to the release. If more than 2 photos surface before the release we will request you to reshoot the feature or move on to another feature. Event photos will have a maximum of 2 premature photos to avoid the coverage from losing its exclusivity. Any paid Images must be shared on an iLDS platform first before shared by the photographer.

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-Event Coverage