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Import Alliance Atlanta Motor Speedway

An absolutely beautiful day. This event couldn’t have been picked on a more perfect day. The beginning seemed a little rough because of the amounts of people trying to pour in from about 6 different directions causing some of the most ridiculous traffic jams, but once the local police was pleased and everyone was situated in their spots it couldn’t have been going smoother. Cars in every which direction as far as eyes could see. Truth of the matter is, I took my camera but due to the sheer size of the event I didn’t walk but about half before giving up and plopping my ass in a seat by the Wireworx booth 🙁 Luckily I found an upcoming Georgia local photographer that made the few pics that I managed to capture look like child’s play. Well enough talking here’s what we came up with 😉

Words: Erick
Photos: Jaron Cole facebook

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