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WerdWerx #itsnotpurple Accord

Name- Daniel Hill (Car’s Name: Frankie)


Nickname – DJ

Location – Yorba Linda, CA


Something about Yourself – I’m the owner/operator/founder of Werd Werx, an automotive repair shop based in a 2 1/2 car garage in Yorba Linda, CA. Specializing in Honda Accords. I’m also a fitness coach at Kandu Fitness, a musician (percussionist), artist (former), and I’ve never drunk alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or done drugs of any type. But I am, however addicted to the gym and FOOD.


Something about why you Picked your car – As with most young ’90s Honda Accord owners, it was my first car and was handed down to me. Originally my Grandmothers car who drove it off of the lot in 1990. It wasn’t my first choice of car, as I want a Chevy S10 Extreme to be my first.

Something about how you evolved into the car scene – I’ve always loved cars and trucks. Starting with 90s Slammed Chevy trucks with billet grills and wheels, thanks to my Dad. But the combination of being stuck with a Honda and having seen the very first Fast and Furious movie made me crave the idea of modifying my car and eventually showing it off.

Make of car – Honda

Model of Car – Accord EX Coupe

Year of Car – 1990

Why or When do you find yourself driving slow? – I feel like the guys with the beater Hondas that have plasti-dipped wheels, JDM stickers, fart can exhaust, and a JDM charm dragging on the ground are the ones you see speeding passed you on the freeway and driving obnoxiously. But when you know you have a masterpiece, maybe one you don’t get to drive everyday, you tend to just enjoy the cruise. That’s me. I drive slow so I can enjoy what I’ve built longer.

What do you prefer function or form? – Both. I’m not the guy to change my wheels or lower my car when I get to a car show. The way you see the car is the way it stays. Cars are meant to be reliable transportation. So, me being an auto mechanic, I make sure mine is that way in all aspects. I can comfortably drive it across the great state of California if I want to right now, and not have to worry about my tires rubbing, or my engine overheating. And Its going to look good while doing it. It is function, as well as form.


Exterior Modification
– Range Rover Bali Blue Paint
– Greddy Front Lip
– Mugen Style Sides
– Custom rear diffuser
– Custom chassis mount front splitter
– Many other details only Accord enthusiasts would appreciate.




Engine Modification
– H22A Engine Swap
– H22 Trans/5spd conversion
– Mildly built cylinder head
– Custom Poly Mounts
– BB6 Prelude Air Box and exhaust.
– Complete wire tuck
– Bedliner engine bay (polyurethane coating)
– Werd Edition Valve cover
– FatFour Customs & Password:JDM accessories.



Interior Modification
– Black interior conversion
– Werd Werx Edition Acura RSX seats
– Rear Seat Delete
– Custom made harness bar
– Sparco 4 point harness

Audio Modification – None currently

Trunk Set Up – None currently


Suspension Modification
– Function Form Type Two coil overs
– FFC Rear LCAs and Toe Arms
– Five Lug Conversion
– Acura RL Big Brake Conversion
– Werd Werx Edition RL Calipers
– FFC RL Caliper Brackets



Wheel Setup
– RAYS Gram Lights 57 Maximum Pro
– Front: 17×9 +16 (high disk) w/ 215/40/17
– Rear: 17×9 + 16 w/235/40/17
– Tires: BFGoodrich G-Force KDW2

Anything YOU want to specify about your vehicle you. – The car has be modified in ways most enthusiast out there wouldn’t. I’ve gone above and beyond to do things to this car that some wouldn’t even think of. But it’s all about being different and standing out from the crowd without going overboard. I don’t care for rare JDM parts or expensive “real” wheels, I just grab the parts I know that look good and flow together well. The car is simply a version of me. I’m able to express myself through unique modifications to a 25 year old family car, and also show my capability of car modification.


Special thanks to:
– My family (Mom and Dad) for the support and allowing me to convert our garage into an auto shop.
– Monica Arias who has been the absolute biggest support system for me to reach my goals and modify my car, as all modification ideas are run through her for a second opinion before they are done.
– My Cali Accord Meet (CAM) friends and family who gave me a leg to stand on. An intelligent and respectable group to participate in car shows and events with, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have gained the confidence to put myself out there.
– FatFour Customs (FFC) for working with me, and allowing me to work with them in order to bring the Accord community high quality aftermarket options, which are typically very hard to find.
– CB7Tuner.com for teaching me the ways of the 4th Gen Honda Accord chassis for the last 10 years.


Ways people can contact you (Insta, email, tumblr….etc)
– Facebook.com/WerdWerx
– Instagram: @WerdWerx (business) @DJ_Hizzle (personal)
– Email: WerdWerxGarage@gmail.com
– Business #: 714 696 WERX (9378)


– Werd Werx (Owner/Operator/Founder)
– Cali Accord Meet
– FatFour Customs

Something you want to say to the viewers – #itsnotpurple

Photos and Words by: Francis Ocampo