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JDM Dream

Why or when do you find yourself driving slow?
Everyday this is my daily and my baby I don’t want anything to happen to her.

What do you prefer function or form?
I think function equals form

Something you feel you want to share to the people reading the feature?
Be patient with your build and build it to your liking not everyone else’s

Full name: Blaise Stetson
Location: Clearwater FL
Year: 1994
Make: Honda
Model: civic cx
Photographer: Ricangelo Seales (ILDS Photographer)facebook

Exterior Engine Interior Suspension Wheels
Fresh pearl white paint JDM EG6 thin side moldings STANLEY JDM fog
lights STANLEY JDM headlights STANLEY JDM corner lights STANLEY JDM side markers
STANLEY JDM tail lights JDM SIR front lip OEM mud guards SPOON OG mirrors SPOON
duckbill JDM window visors EPR front tow strap
USDM b18c5 block bought brand new from Acura JDM B16A head JUN valves
JUN springs JUN titanium retainers stock ITR cams 3 angle valve job port and
polished gasket matched intake ports head shaved .030 Benen fuel rail stock JDM
EG6 intake box and tube SPOON air filter SPOON valve cover SPOON wire cover
SPOON oil cap SPOON radiator cap SPOON radiator hoses Fluidyne full size integra
radiator Skunk2 gen1 intake manifold JDM GSR trans with LSD TODA flywheel ACT
clutch JDM ITR header JDM ITR b pipe SPOON N1 axle back
JDM SIR cluster JDM amber clock JDM climate control JDM defrost switch
JDM fog light switch JDM coin pocket JDM EG6 steering wheel JDM audio console
JDM memory foam short arm rest USDM ITR front seats JDM EG6 Gathers rear
interior conversion SPOON shift knob Circuit Hero shift extender Spoon rear view
Buddy Club N+ coilovers Energy suspension full master kit Buddy club
front and rear camber kits SRR lca’s (very rare) BWR engraved limited edition
subframe brace JDM EG6 front brakes Integra front and rear sway bars
R’s (pictured) SSR Type X’s Kosei K1 time attack edition

Future plans?:
Clean the engine bay up and add some track goodies inside and out