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Mullet NSX

Full name:Ron Marchini
Location: Tampa FL
Photographer: Joey Newcombe
Photographer Page: www.theurbansniper.com
Words: pineapple

Now everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for the NSX no matter if you’re an import fan or not. Every aspect of this car has been touched from bumper to bumper. The interior has; NSX Type R seats to NRG quick release with Personal steering wheel for the creature comfort, but still has the racing feel. The exterior has; Downforce carbon fiber Type R wing to the subtle JDM rear center tail light unknown to the untrained eye. Suspension and stoping power combined consist of; Brembo Indy BBK kit to stop this beast when its on the move with the Comptech pro coilovers to ensure she (Christine) doesn’t escape from the black top. Too add the icing to the cake its rolling around on CCW Classics to ensure that all necks are broken.


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