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Official ILDS V2Lab Mystery Meet Coverage Part. II


Photographer: Nelson Queralta Jr.
Website: Nelson Q Photo
Instagram: instagram@nqphoto
Writer: Nelson Queralta Jr.

After waking up at 4AM and making the four hour trip to Orlando from Miami,
I have to say that it was well worth it. What a turn out! Downtown Orlando
was literary taking over by cars of all types. Everybody showed up for
V2Lab’s “Mystery Meat” this past Sunday, and the quality of cars was on
point the entire day. Spotted so many cars with ridiculous wheel fitment.
Two VDub’s actually caught my eye, a silver CC and a charcoal Golf. Wheel
fitment on these euros was literary…perfect.

But this wasn’t just a VDub meet by no means, there were so many clean
Hondas to rival Cali’s Eibach meet……ok maybe not yet…but close :), a
teal EG hatch on CCWs was garnering my attention the entire day, along with
an orange CR-X on equips that had me #fapping all day. Apart from the many
clean 8th gen Civics and RS-Xs. Nissans didn’t stay too far behind, of
course ;). The cleanest 240SX Type-X in America (imo) made his way to
Downtown Orlando, and after seeing this car in person, it’s freaking
immaculate. Another S-chassis Nissan was Grip Royal’s Siliva with a VH
swap, wheel fitment was nuts on this car.

It’s mystery why V2Lab’s Mystery Meet was such a great success, the cars,
people, and of course Florida’s beautiful weather made it a complete
success. See you guys at Car’N’Beaches 3 soon!
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