Tony Guerro 370z

Name: Tony Guerrero Location: Atlanta, GA Year 2010 Make Nissan Model 370Z Why or when do you find yourself drivingslow? Whenever I wanna relax a bit What do you prefer function or form? I prefer a little bit of both ...

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Subie meet

3rd Annual Subaru Mega Meet.

The 3rd annual Subaru Mega Meet, held here in Tampa, brought an excess of over 900 Subaru’s from all across the nation. This event has increased in popularity throughout the years, to the point where one Subie owner made the ...

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Adams Acura ILX

Name: Adam Bates Location: Gainesville Florida Year: 2014 Make: Acura Model: ILX Why or when do you find yourself drivingslow? ever since the beginning, being a Tampa Florida resident and knowing a lot of faction guys What do you prefer ...

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Nissan 240sx 1995

Name: Garrett Ellis Location: Daytona Beach Make: Nissan Model: 240sx Year: 1995 Why or when do you find yourself drivingslow? I drive slow so the world can have a look at my masterpiece wouldnt want them to miss anything 🙂 ...

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WekFest West Palm Beach 2015

Wekfest 2015 was a fun experience for us here at iLDS. We got a chance to hang out with our staff and faction members. It was the week after our winterfest event so it was definitely good for us to ...

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Mando and Lester's Hatches

Mando and Lester’s Hatches

“Meet up with these two a few days before New Years to get some quick video shot for the first video of the year. I was very happy to see that they put so much care in their rides. I ...

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