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Pulling G’s

Owner: Gunner Kelley
Location: Athens, Alabama
Photographer: Evan Verschoore

Not every day you run into a clean G35 Coupe like this one, not to mention one owned by a person as humble as Gunner Kelly. I don’t know Gunner but by what little I know of him I can tell he’s not like most of the G/Z owners out there. I tend to stay away from most of them because of their cockiness but when we decided to feature Gunner’s G, I knew it was well deserved. This car has been Gunner’s number one priority next to family and work for well over a year now, all the money and late nights working hours on his car have paid off. When going for horsepower its easy to go for “Function” and completely forget about the “Form”. Its clear to see he has a soft spot for looks but secretly enjoys some speed while pushing 400whp.



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