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Random Feature

Name: Kevin Sarabjeet
Location: Kissimmee,fl.
Photograher: Erick Garcia

Why & When do you find yourself Driving Slow?
-I always find myself driving slow because if I drive fast my car starts to scape and rub on the tires lol, most important speed kills “take it to the track”

Engine Mods:
-3.5 vq35de swap
-OBX headers
-Megan catback

Wheels & Suspension Mods:
-XXR 526 18×10.5 +20 all around
-D2 coilovers

Future Mods:
-Will be new wheels (hint CCW’s) and moar lower

Tell us abou the car.
I had this car since I was 16… I purchased the car with a full bodykit on it, the only thing metal on it was the rear quarter panels and the roof lol, but now im 22 and the car has dramatically changed now, for the good…Everywhere I go it draws attention and I love it.



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