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The Art from Scale Auto World Part 1

iLDS & scaledworld.net share the love of anything automotive, and we are glad to bring you part 1 of 4 parts as we bring you closer to these guys from east coast, west coast, Hawaii & from the United Kingdom. These 4 guys style of building might be different but the love for the hobby is all the same.

We starting part 1 from the New Jersey
Victor Rodriguez (Backyardinc Kustomz)
Photographer: Gorden Photography

Hello all I’m Victor. I have been building model cars since 1994. It has been an off/on thing thru the years. First model kit I built was a snap together corvette kit. The wheels were roll-able so I enjoyed the fact that I built it and could play with the car being I was 8 years old. I grew up around old muscle cars, lowriders, and classics so those would be the kits I built.

Gorden Photography - IMG_7405

Gorden Photography - IMG_7411

Gorden Photography - IMG_7414

Gorden Photography - IMG_7417

The hobby shop visit would always be great. My parent’s would take me even thou they couldn’t buy me everything; I’d still leave a happy camper. I always customized each kit I built. May have not looked like much from the start compared to now a day’s but I learned thru each build. After high school the import bug got me.

Gorden Photography - IMG_7422

Gorden Photography - IMG_7426

Gorden Photography - IMG_7434

I started to get heavy into HONDA models. Now a day’s Imports are my most desired category to build. Meeting new people thru this hobby is a plus. You can learn even more talking to other builder’s. I’m far from a Pro builder, but I still work hard to get to that level one day. Going to shows for model cars have been very motivating these past couple of year’s.

Gorden Photography - IMG_7437

Gorden Photography - IMG_7439

Gorden Photography - IMG_7444

Gorden Photography - IMG_7447

Gorden Photography - IMG_7454

The chance to win a trophy, magazine to take photos of my models, and other builder’s is inspired by my builds are priceless to me. The hobby is great to get into. Customizing these kits is the challenge, but a good challenge. Here are some shots of my favorite builds to date. One of them being a special commission build for SCALEDWORLD.net being the Aoshima Toyota 86 rocket bunny kit .

Gorden Photography - 6F9A7392

Gorden Photography - IMG_7391

Gorden Photography - IMG_7398

Gorden Photography - IMG_7400

You can also visit scaledworld.net to view model cars, bikes & trucks get feature.