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Sergio Fr-s

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Name: Sergio Taraschi
Location: Melbourne Fl
Make: Scion
Model: Fr-s
Year: 2013

Why or when do you find yourself drivingslow?
I drive slow because it gives people a chance to see and notice my car. Anybody can drive around with a loud exhaust and get attention but driving slow and being spotted is a sign you are doing it right

What do you prefer function or form?
I was all function till I went to cars n beaches 5 and saw all the cars and it gave me a ton of inspiration to get into the form (stance) game and I’ve learned a lot and am really happy with how the frs turned out and the the stance community has been a blast to be apart of

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Greedy evolution GT exhaust, custom Downpipe.

Nrg hub and grip royal steering wheel, sparco shift knob

Serg frs (1 of 1)

five axis front lip, buddy club tail lights, diffuser

air lift performance suspension with autopilot v2 management. Drive shaft shop axles, voodoo 13 lca’s, Megan toe arms, racer x fab upper control arms

ssr profrssor sp1. White face polished lips. 18×9.5 +0 and 18×11 +5

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Future Plans:
I did actually get rid of the car. I have a new project I am working on that I plan to release the weekend of simply clean 7. The frs was an amazing build and I loved that car.