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Silver Surfing IS300

Full name:Jason Lau
Location: San Francisco, CA
Photographer/Words: Francis Ocampo
Car:2005 Lexus IS300

This guys car is amazing. Ive seen him build the car from ground up. After having work emotions and work VS-MXs, he wanted to get custom set of work equips from CZ Wheels. Getting them to fit on the car took about two weeks. A lot of fender and suspension work. Along with trying to accommodate his Altezza bumper and Wald side skirts. This whole process to get it the way it looks now took one month. His dedication and time to his car stretches from everyday from early mornings to late nights. His battles with San Francisco roads is amazing since SF is one of the top five for worst roads in California. He has to know the roads like the back of his hands because of his stance and body kit. This is car isn’t something to sleep on because he’s always wanting improvements and crazier things.

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