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Simply Clean 4

Location: Daytona/Ormond Beach FL
Coverage: Jeff Littlefield
Words: Erick Garcia

The fourth coming of Simply Clean and definitely the best. With word of the original venue for the show this year (Route 46 Entertainment District) closing its doors, followed a sadness to all that we’re looking forward to this years one and only SC event. As soon as the news spread that the crew over at SC had found a new venue it spread like wild fire. Everyone that was building their cars specifically for this show jumped back in full gear to finish their cars and that definitely showed.

In all honesty I think I might have seen about 50% of the cars there. It was total madness. Cars everywhere, police threatening to shut down the show due to traffic jams, and it was awesome. The magnitude of people and cars that showed up was far more than I or I assume even Simply Cleans staff had imagined. From Exotics to Ruckuses, from Drift cars to show cars, Simply Clean had a little bit of everything. I believe that the last two years venue location closing might have been a blessing in disguise because Destination Daytona was the perfect venue.

I left the event satisfied and proud of Florida’s car scene. I also felt my satisfaction the next day in the form of soreness from walking around seeing all the ridiculously sick rides that made it out. The event was by far the best one I had been to in Florida and I cant begin to fathom what next years event might be like. Thanks Simply Clean see you next year 😉


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