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Slam Fest 2015

It was only last year that I was able to pop my Slamfest cherry. To be honest it was one of the better show’s I attended last year. Slamfest is an all out show that features everything. From slammed cars to body dropped trucks. I would say it’s one of the last grassroots shows around. It has such a chilled culture to it that when you’re there you’re in another world. Girls go wild, guy go wild, there is always something interesting to see. I remember seeing my first body dropped 4runner. I was like wtttttfffff.

September 19 was special day for me because it was the day I got married. Slamfest was also planned on this day so we didn’t get to go. Most of the staff and faction were at my wedding. Regardless we did some digging and linked up with Nate who was fortunate enough to send us some coverage of this year’s slamfest. We hope you enjoy!