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Slammed Sedan Meet 2015

For most hearing a car event is happening within miles of where you live is a big deal. Some of us will drive no matter how far away it is. We’re excited to link-up with our friends and to cruise to the event.

This was our first year for vending at Sunshine Stance “SSS”. I must say it was a great experience. The ability to meet new people and catch-up with old friends is always welcoming. I was very impressed with the level of organization of the show area and low car limbo. I was also happy to see how patient everyone was as the event setup was going on. You have to understand, people coming from all over Florida eager to get parked and to wipe down their cars is a big deal. Sometimes I watch it as if it was “Black Friday” everyone wants to get in the door to get setup, to get great placement and etc.

We were happy to release some new items at this event. We were able to get some wooden and leather key chains made. We also released our “supra trippin” concept which is one of many to come. All of these items are now available in our store, shopilds.com check them out!

We hope to attend next year’s SSS as we expect it to grow and to be more incorporated. I was glad to see that there were coupes, sedans, some battle stanced, some slammed, some crazy camber, and etc. There were a variety of cars at the event and although most would prefer to go see one style of build, I was impressed to see the diversity. Until next year! Thanks for having us Matt //Slammed Sedans!