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Summer Vibes Coverage

I have always felt that Lakeland was deeply rooted in the car community. I remember going there when I was younger to watch the street races. It would always be Tampa vs. Lakeland or Tampa and Lakeland vs. Orlando, etc. I’m glad to be able to say that I was able to spread our safe driving movement to Lakeland. Lakeland is a place that has many gems that most people never got to see.

On July 9th we introduced our first SUMMER VIBES (Svibes) in Lakeland FL. The weather was tentative because we’re in a rainy season. Not to mention, at the height of the event it peaked over 90 degrees! We were blessed with great weather and well equipped with many shaded areas and misting fans. Svibes is the replacement of what was Cars N Beaches because we wanted more options for cities and venues. So you can expect to see frequent changes in venues throughout the upcoming years.

This year’s event was West Indian inspired. We wanted to bring out the cultures that many enthusiasts represent. What better way to enjoy the summer than to throw all the good vibes together. Our DJ kept the music spinning, food trucks kept everyone fed, and if you wanted to grill and chill that was available for you as well. We really aimed high to bring out the West Indian vibes. There was pina colada, fresh chopped fruit, rum punch, reggae music, and carnival dancers present for everyone to enjoy.

This year makes six years of us organizing events. From the first event hosted in Orlando, our event hosted in Miami and our track record in Tampa, Lakeland has now been added to the Map. We are beyond thankful for everyone that was able to come out and show support. For those that watched online and still sent their positive vibes we thank you as well. Next up is Winterfest 2016, tickets can be purchased right way. Please visit: ildswinterfest.com.