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SummerVibes| Ybor Limelight

SummerVibes Limelight
Cost: $50

-Reserved parking on 7th avenue
-SummerVibes event shirt
-Summer Vibes air freshener

Important!!! Must Read

SummerVibes 2017 will be held in the beautiful Ybor City, Florida. iLDS has reserved 7th ave from 15 -19st which will house the limelight, vendors and sponsors.  The rest of the city is expected to be crowded with more automotive enthusiast. We worked hard with the City of Tampa to make this happen. To ensure the event’s success, we are doing pre-signups for everyone that is parked on 7th ave, this is called the limelight. Admission for the limelight will not be sold at the event. However, the only way to get your vehicle in the limelight will be to fill out this form, get accepted, submit a copy of a valid insurance ID card (The City of Tampa requires all cars parked in the closed space have valid insurance.) and pay within 5-10 business days after being accepted. The space on 7th ave is limited, so we will delete your application after 10 business days if you haven’t paid. You can still reapply as long as the limelight isn’t filled. We plan to have a fun time with local shops, vendors, sponsors and more importantly the spectators that will crowd the streets of Ybor City. The limelight will play a crucial roll on the events success, which is why as always we take care of you. We will include an event shirt and air freshener for each limelight participant. These items will be mailed out prior to the event which is why we need to get your acceptance, insurance and payment as soon as possible.

If accepted we ask that you prepare to stay the duration of the event which will be from 11am-4pm (specific roll-in times will be disclosed). To make things easier iLDS staff and Faction will work along with Tampa Police Department to get the limelight participants in at the beginning of the event and out at the end of the event. Coolers and Grills? Well you’re in the middle of a city there wouldn’t be any where to setup a grill and a cooler might be bulky to lug around. There are plenty of bars and restaurants that are excited to have your business.

If you aren’t selected for the Limelight; Summervibes will still be plenty of fun for you. Parking will be available all around the city especially the recommended Ybor city parking garage. Some parking areas are free and some of them require payment. Be cautious of the no parking areas which will be clearly marked. We will provide a map of some go to locations that are more likely to have available parking.

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