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SVT Ford Focus

Owner:Jacob Creamer
Location: Georgetown, Indiana
Photographer: Alex McGinnis
Words: pineapple

I’m sure plenty of people will be like ewwwwwww it’s a Ford Focus. Yup you’re right it’s a SVT Ford Focus not just a run of the mill Focus. If you’re a automobile enthusiast you should know what SVT stands for. If not…. YOU GONNA LEARN TODAY! (kevin heart voice) “Special Vehicle Team” It’s along the lines of TRD is to Toyota and Mugen is to Honda. Ford spent a lot of R&D on the SVT line from the Cobra to the Focus. If you have ever driven one you would be pretty impressed by how quick the car responds to the throttle as well as road handling. The SVT Focus line is very well put together from both handling to performance.


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