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That G Ride

Photographer: Lafa Britto facebook
Owner: G
Location: Orlando, FL

I met G a few months ago before his most recent transformation. He was a super humble dude just breaking his car into the stance scene. Orlando has very few in between cars that are worth talking about. His new look wasn’t really unveiled to me till I saw everyone gawking at it with their mouths wide open at our last Winterfest event. It wasn’t actually till I saw it again in Orlando that I realized it was the same car that I had seen a few months back with a different look. As dumb as it sounds something as small as the right fitting wheel can make or break a car and although his car was nice before his new set up makes his old one look like child’s play. My hat is tipped to you G, your transformation is on a sick track and I love where its going.

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