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Project Cave: The ReUp Coverage

At 48, my mother lost her battle to colon cancer that she didn’t even know she was fighting. She only thought she had the flu and never once thought her symptoms were an indication of the tragedy to come. Additionally, she lost her life a full 2 years before her first recommended colonoscopy. The bottom line is 48 is far too young and indicates that more research is needed to prevent others from falling to the same fate. Cancer has touched everyone and with the support we have within our local car community, Project Cave along with two other local vendors, Danksquad and Improper Clothing, felt that a car show was the perfect way to support this great cause. 100% of the proceeds from the ReUp were donated to the American Cancer Society on behalf of Frannie Calabrese, the mother of the owner of Project Cave.

Coverage & words by: Ryan Litschauer