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Titans Open House 2015

The Question. Why the hell would a company who brands itself about loving to drive slowly attend an open house hosted by a world renowned shop for building extremely fast cars?

Saturday ilds staff and faction set out to attend Titan’s Open House. It was an overcast day as if it was about to rain. We prayed it didn’t because the event we attend prior received some showers causing us to pack up and leave early. No biggie, we’re accustomed to rain being Florida residents.


As of any other event when you’re within miles you get the point there’s a car event going on somewhere. Porsche’s, GT-R’s, Domestic’s, Honda’s, and so on line the gas stations and streets leading to the open house. I had to double check my time to make sure I was on time. It was only 830 AM and the meet was to start at 10AM. I love how our car community embraces all events, everyone wants to get there early, everyone wants to be seen, and everyone does event prep. So we actually get there on time, setup and park our cars. We brought out two “Battle Stance” cars, our definition of track ready functional builds. #GoFast cars. We also brought out two Fitment oriented cars.



The Open House was a mixed crowd as they didn’t really discriminate which cars got into the show and etc. It was mostly you get there early and you go in. They followed a theme where they parked most of the Supras and some exotics together and etc. Very well planned and executed as always. There were some crazy fitment cars as well, with crazy camber and still had power modifications. This makes me say the power is in the eye of the beholder. I watched the guys that were into function laugh at the crazy fitment cars. Don’t get me wrong, some of them seemed to appreciate the work that went into some of the fitment cars.


The Dyno is where it really mattered. Many cars staged to go onto the dyno and we would all stand there and make bets to see what the car hits. You really couldn’t judge a book by its cover. There were so many cars that out preformed our expectations. However, just the ability to see some of the setups these performance cars had was very inspiring.


Each year Titan sources some of the best models around to come out and support their event. They go all out setting up stage, great Dj and food. It’s a very well rounded atmosphere. They even go as far as getting some I of their part suppliers to come out and educate, display and sell their parts. 100% of the proceeds from this event went directly to a dog shelter in which they had in house. That was awesome!




The Answer: Our Company strives to promote safe driving. We all love fast cars and embrace racing at the track or controlled environment. We’ve been leading by example for years now. Our staff and faction members declare to the safe driving lifestyle. So we are very happy to be at Titan where we were able to share our message to the enthusiast who similar to us loves fast cars and to drive fast. The common, “I hate driving slow” after reading our banner is just the conversation starter. Yes it’s an oxymoron; we rarely drive slowly unless we’re very low and many other reasons. However, most importantly we strive to teach the young and to help reduce the amount of street racing involved deaths.